Martin College: 生徒からの声


Nobuko, Kato – Japan

“I studied both English and Diploma of Business during my gap year. Both courses helped me improve my language and professional skills. I enjoyed attending the Career Start Program where I learned how to find a job in Australia and the officer was able to help me find internship opportunities.”

【ギャップ・イヤー(Gap Year)の時に、英語とビジネス・ディプロマのコースに参加しました。二つのコースを通じて、私の英語力及び専門技術が上達しました。キャリア・スタート・プログラムはとても役に立ち、オーストラリアでの就職活動のやり方を学びながら、アドバイザーがインターンシップの機会を提供してくれていました。

Madelene, Jansson – Sweden

“I did a 4 week internship at Cystic Fibrosis in Brisbane which opened the door to my career. I was able to use the skills/knowledge that I learned at Martin. I am now an Executive Assistant at Cancer Council Queensland and manage events including the Oceanic Tobacco Control Conference which involve 400 delegates.”

Xiao Ming, Liu – China

“I did a lot of volunteering work in event industry while studying at Martin. It allowed me to gain experience through actual projects and to apply what I had learned in class.”



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